MPI Certifications

Professional Development Certifications

Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
MPI is one of 32 member organizations of the Convention Industry Council (CIC), which sponsors the CMP program based on professional experience and academic examination.  Obtaining the designation of a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) sets the standard of excellence as governed by the Convention Industry Council.The requirements for certification are based on professional experience and an academic examination.

Need Education Clock Hours?
MPI provides clock hours for education sessions and some learning activities as an additional membership benefit. If you are applying or re-certifying for the CMP program, please know that the clock hour credit calculation is regulated by the Convention Industry Council (CIC). For more information on how to calculate your hours, please visit their site.  There are two ways to report earned clock hours. At live events, you will need to have your badge scanned at the door of each session in order to receive credit and have it automatically applied to your Member Transcript. (Please allow 2-3 weeks processing) For webinars, you will need to manually add these credits to your Member Transcript.

Member Transcript

Add clock hours to your history, view your clock hour history or to remove clock hours, email with the event name and workshop name you would like removed. For more information, please contact MPI Global Member Engagement.

Convention Industry Council

To learn more about obtaining the designation we recommend that you visit the Convention Industry Council Website to learn more about becoming a CMP.

Certification in Meeting Management (CMM)
MPI’s Global CMM program is the first university co-developed global professional designation for senior-level meeting professionals which focuses on strategic issues that are critical to advancement in the meeting industry. Throughout the residency and post-residency portions, attendees are led through exercises designed to promote strategic thinking, leadership and executive decision-making skills. For more information visit our International website

MPI Knowledge Plan

MPI's vision, to create a rich global meeting industry community, offers an opportunity and an obligation to develop a learning path for the global community that ensures appropriate career and personal development at each stage of an individual's career. This knowledge “ethos” will ensure MPI is a global knowledge leader in the field of meetings and events, with the ability to attract, train and elevate talent for a rapidly expanding global industry.

Knowledge Plan Milestones
This plan is intended to ensure that the development needs of the community are met throughout the entire course of their careers, with multiple points of entry and engagement for personalized 24/7 professional and career development - more information.
Professional Development Opportunities

Learning is a lifelong process, especially when it comes to delivering exceptional meetings and events. With rapidly changing technology, evolving business standards and a renewed focus on strategy, professional development is more important than ever. MPI is here to help. Through certificate programs, streaming education sessions and monthly webinars, you’ll find what you need to grow your knowledge base and advance your career.

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities