MPI Member Categories

Member Categories

Your membership entitles you to access the wealth of education, research and networking resources MPI has to offer.  

Corporate/Government Meeting Professional

A person who is primarily employed by a corporation (or Government Institution to plan and/or oversee the strategic and financial management and/or logistics of that corporation’s meetings.

Association/Non Profit Meeting Professional

A person who is primarily employed by an association or not-for-profit organization to plan and/or oversee the strategic and financial management and/or logistics of that organization’s meetings. This category also includes private universities.

Supplier Meeting Professional
A person who provides and/or sells products and services to the meetings industry, such as destination management, hotelier, audio-visual, florist, transportation, production or convention and visitor's bureau. This classification of membership is not limited to the groups listed.

Meeting Management Professional
A person who is a sole proprietor of, or is employed or engaged by, a meeting management company. They provide meeting services including strategic and financial management and/or professional meetings management services to multiple clients. This person spends 51% or more time planning.

A faculty member is available to those employed as faculty in post-secondary academic programs related to the meetings, hospitality, events or tourism industries. The individual’s main employment, remuneration, direction and efforts must be in a recognized academic institution and they must be considered an employee of their institution.

Student memberships are available to individuals enrolled in a post-secondary academic program. The student must be enrolled in a certificate, undergraduate or graduate program unless the academic institution defines it otherwise. Students enrolled in a certificate program will be eligible for student membership for one year but will not be eligible for the transition dues rate upon completion of their program. Proof of enrollment must be received at MPI before a student can be accepted into membership and upon renewal in order to retain their student membership.

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About MPI
MPI has grown from 159 members in 1972 to 23,000 members in 64 countries today. Its membership spans the globe from North and South America, Mexico, Europe to Asia. Seventy-one Fortune 100 companies are represented in the MPI membership. There are currently 60 chapters, and an additional four chapters in formation. MPI’s current membership ratio is 46 percent planners and 54 percent suppliers.

The BC Chapter serves the province of British Columbia and has about 300 members.