• December 13, 2023

Ytmp3 Free Video Converter Factory Review

Free Video Converter Factory, which I’ve used myself, is an excellent free video converter. However there are some little flaws. This video converter will be reviewed in detail below. Video converters are primarily concerned with the converting functions. Free Video Converter Factory’s converting capability is one of its main advantages.

  1. It supports many popular audio and video formats, such as FLV, MP3, M4A and AC3.
  2. Video Quality of Converted Videos. When I used other video converters I had some issues. For example, I would get a fuzzy converted video, or the screen wouldn’t match with the audio, and sometimes the screen was longer than the original. As a result, these types of issues haven’t occurred since using Free Video Converter Factory.
  3. Conversion Speed. Free Video Converter Factory offers fast converting speeds youtube to mp3 music converter. The entire conversion process can be completed in a few minutes. It can also convert audio and video files simultaneously.

But there are still some areas that need improvement in the area of conversion. The video converter is unable to convert certain audio or video formats like DV AVI. If the shortcoming could be fixed, I believe that more and more users will select this video converter.

Parameter Setting Field

Free Video Converter Factory provides us with a variety of parameters. We can adjust the frames, bits, samples, audio channels, aspect ratios, bit rates, etc. of the file to be transformed. This feature allows users to convert video files that are more appropriate and satisfying. This video converter has some features that are useful in terms of setting parameters.

It is a major flaw that the guide fails to explain how we can view information about the original video files. The information about the original video is more important for me to have so I can set up the parameters. It would seem better for me to place an “Information button” directly on the screen.

The Field of Operation

The video converter should be easy to use. Free Video Converter Factory does have an advantage in that it is very user-friendly. It only takes three easy steps to convert a video: click on ‘Add to Import Video Files,’ select an output format using the ‘Profile” combo box and finally click on ‘Start to Convert’. Within a very short period of time, you will have completed the conversion process. The Free Video Converter Factory has a few duplicated operation buttons. You can either click on the “Start’ button or select the “Action” button to start the conversion. I believe this is confusing and excessive.